Revolution in Field of Agriculture in India

India is the biggest country in Agriculture Product Producing Country. M. S. Swaminathan is called as Father of Green Revolution of India.


Revolution in Field of Agriculture in India:

Some important Revolutions in Agriculture are given Below.
Black Revolution - Petroleum Production.
Blue Revolution - Fish Production.
Yellow Revolution - Oil Seeds Production.
White Revolution - Milk or Dairy Production.
Silver Revolution - Egg or Poultry Production.
Silver Fiber Revolution - Cotton.
Round Revolution - Potato.
Red Revolution - Meat and Tomato Production.
Pink Revolution - Onion Production.
Grey Revolution - Fertilizer.
Green Revolution - Food Grains.
Golden Revolution - Fruits.
Golden Fiber Revolution - Jute Production.
Brown Revolution - Leather or non-conventional or Cocoa Production.

List of Thermal Power Plants in India:

Thermal Plants are Producing highest Electric city to Industry and Agriculture in India
1. Vindyachal Power Plant - Madhya Pradesh.
2. Talcher Power Plant - Orissa.
3. Farakka Power Plant - West Bengal,
4. Singrauli Power Plant - Madya Pradesh,
5. Dadri Power Plant - Uttar Pradesh,
6. Ramagundam Power Plant - Andhra Pradesh.
7. Korba Powerplant - Chhattisgarh.

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