November 2017 - Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Latest important National and International Current Affairs of November 2017 Questions and Answers for all competitive exams in India.

Current Affairs of November 2017 Questions and Answers

Important November 2017 Current Affairs Bits:

55. Which Country has won the Asian Kabaddi Championship 2017 Men's and Women's?

2. How many medals India has won in Para-Badminton World Championships 2017?

53. Which City is hosting for Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017?

52. Who has Crowned miss Universe 2017?

51. How many medals India has won in World Youth Boxing Championship 2017?

50. Who is the 1st Indian Player to Win Asian Marathon Championship(AMC)?

49. Recently China has launched ______ Satellite?

48. In India, Which temple has Awarded for most visited Place in the World?

47. Who is the Health and Family Welfare Minister of India?

46. Where is Golden Temple located in India?

45. Who has won the Silver medal in U-23 Senior World Wrestling Championship? 

44. Who is the Indian Navy 1st Female Pilot?

43. YONO App launched by _____ Bank?

42. Which is the 1st NewsPaper of India?

41. Which is the World First Newspaper?

40. Which country is the 2nd largest fish producing country in the world?

39. First largest fish producing country in the world _______?

38. World biggest award in cinema field ______?

37. Indian biggest award in cinema field _____?

36. Who has got the first Dada Saheb Phalke award?

35. Who is the new Executive Director of SEBI?

34. SEBI Full Form ________?

33. Who is the Chairman of SEBI?

32. Where is SEBI Headquarters located?

31. Which Country is the Richest Country in the world according to IMF report?

30. IMF full form ______?

29. What is the Currency of Qatar?

28. What is the Capital fo Qatar?

27. Which Country has won the maiden under - 19 World Cup 2017?

26. World Second richest Country ______ ?

25. Which Country will host to Rugby World Cup 2023?

24. Who has crowned the miss World 2017?

23. Toilet Day Observed on _____ Day?

22. Who is the India's 14th Prime Minister?

21. Who is the India's 1st Prime Minister?

20. National Press Day Celebrated on ______ ?

19. Who is new Chairman of BSE?

3. Which Country has approved Yoga is a Sports?

17. Who is the First IAS Officer?

16. Who is the First IPS Officer?

15. Children's Day will celebrate on _____ Day?

14. Who is the First Prime Minister of India?

13. Who is the Present Minister of Women and Child Development?

12. Who has won the BSF World Billiards Championship?

11. Which Country is hosting 10th South Asia Economic Summit(SAES) 2017?

10. Which is the first movie in India?

9. GPRS Full Form _____?

8. Internet Full Form _____?

7. Who are the founder of Internet?

6. First Mobile Phone _____?

5. Which City is the World Most Visited City According to the "Euromonitor International Report 2017"?

4. Recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Which Train Service has launched between India(Kolkata) and Bangladesh(Khulna)?

3. Telangana government _____ language declared as State 2nd Offical Language?

2. MSDE Stands for _______?

1. Which State has 100% Banking Service in India?

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