21-30 Bits GK Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Questions With Answers:

28. In Which language The national anthem was first written?

Ans: Bengali

27. In which year did the national anthem be translated into English?

Ans: With the name of Morning Song of India, India National anthem translated into English in 1919.

26. How long does it take to sing the entire national anthem?

Ans: in Longtime 52 Seconds and in Short time 20 seconds.

25. When The National Anthem has been Officially Approved?

Ans: 24 January 1950.

24. When was the national anthem published for the first time?

Ans: 1912

23. What is the national anthem of India?

Ans: Jana Gana Mana

22. Who wrote the National Anthem of India?

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

21. Where was the national anthem sang for the first time?

Ans: 29 December 1911 in Calcutta Congress meeting

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