41-50 Bits GK Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Questions with Answers:

50. In which year BRICS Development bank was established?
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Ans: BRICS Development Bank established in 2013 by BRICS Nations.

49. Which country will be host 22nd FIFA World Cup 2022?
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Ans: Qatar will host the 22nd FIFA World Cup 2022.

48. Which country has hosted 21st FIFA World Cup 2018?
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Ans: Russia country is hosting 21st FIFA World Cup 2018

47. In which year was first FIFA World Cup played?
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Ans: in 1930 first FIFA World Cup was played

46. With how many years gap FIFA World Cup will be played?
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Ans: for every 4 years FIFA World Cup will be played

45. Who is the last Governor of Bengal?
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Ans: Warren Hastings is the last governor of Bengal from 1772 to 1774.

44. Who is the 1st Governer of Bengal?
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Ans: Lond Clive from 1757 to 1760

43. What is the Period of 1st Five Year Economic Plan?
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Ans: 1st Plan 1951-56: GDP Achieved 3.6

42. India Post Payment Bank Comes Under Private or Government?
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Ans: It comes under Government

41. What is the Full Form of OPEC?
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Ans: Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

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