Introduction to Computer - Computer Awareness

Introduction to Computer:

Introduction to Computer:

Today we are going to discuss the computer basics. A computer is also one of the most important Subjects for most of the government jobs. We know something about computer but we mistake for simple questions also. Know some import Points about a computer.

Definition of Computer:

The computer is a Combination of Hardware and Software. By using a computer we can do calculations and executes the Certain Task.

i. Hardware:

Hardware Consists of electronic devices. Means we can touch these devices. Examples of hardware devices are Keyboard and Mouse. Hard consists of four parts First one Processing, memory, I/O Devices means Input and output device, last one storage.

ii. Software:

The software is also called program. it consists of Instructions. Instructions will be used to execute a particular task or to control a computer.

Know about Data, RAM, ROM, Processor:

Data is in the form of text, numbers, images, sounds, and videos.

RAM: Means Random Acess Memory. It holds Program instructions and data to work with CPU.

ROM: Means Read Only Memory it holds information about hardware devices and starts up Instructions.

Processor: It carries the instructions from the user and hardware to execute.

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