Scientist Names and their Inventions List with Year Wise

See the below list of Scientist Names and their Inventions with Year Wise in the table form.

List of Scientist Names and their Inventions with Year Wise:

List of Scientist Names and their Inventions with Year Wise:

Product Name Inventer Year
Printing Press J. Gutenberg 1450
Microscope Z. Janssen 1590
Thermometer Galileo Galilei 1593
Telescope Hans Lippershey 1608
Adding Machine Pascal 1642
Barometer E. Torricelli 1643
Clock(Pendulum) C. Huygens 1657
Steam Engine(Piston) Thomas Newcomen 1705
Clock(Mechanical) Hsing & Ling-Tsan 1725
Centigrade Scale A. Celsius 1742
Spinning Frame Sir Richard Arkwright 1769
Ship(Steam) J. C. Perier 1775
Submarine D. Bushnell 1776
Steam Engine james Watt 1782
Parachute Louis Lenormand 1783
Watch A. L. Briquet 1791
Gas Lighting William Murdoch 1792
Locomotive Richard Trevithick 1804
Safety Sir Humphry Davy 1816
Electromagnet W. Sturgeon 1823
Rubber(waterproof) Charles Macintosh 1823
Microphone Charles Wheatstone 1827
Sewing Machine B. Thimmonnier 1830
Dynamo Michael Faraday 1831
Computer Charles Babbage 1834
Revolver Samuel Colt 1835
Shorthand(modern) Sir Isaac Pitman 1837
Telegraph Code Samuel F. B. Morse 1837
Rubber(vulcanized) Charles Goodyear 1839
Bicycle K. Macmillan 1839
Photography(paper) W. H. Fox Talbot 1841
Safety Pin W. Hunt 1849
Refrigerator J. Harrison & A. Catlin 1851
Lift E.G. Otis 1852
Match(safety) J.E. Lundstrom 1855
Machine Gun Richard Gatling 1861
Dynamite Alfred Nobel 1867
Typewriter C. Sholes 1867
Telegraph Alexander Graham Bell 1876
Gramophone Thomas Alva Edison 1878
Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison 1879
Electric Iron H. W. Seeley 1882
Fountain Pen LE Waterman 1884
Motorcycle(tricycle) Edward Butler 1884
Motor Car(petrol) Karl Benz 1885
Pneumatic Bicycle Tyre J. B. Dunlop 1888
Ballpoint Pen C. Biro 1888
Cine Camera Friese Greene 1889
Cinematograph Thomas Alva Edison 1891
Zip Fastener W. L. Judson 1891
Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel 1892
Ship(turbine) Sir Charles Parsons 1894
Cinema A.L. & J.L. Lumiere 1895
X-ray Wilhelm Roentgen 1895
Radium Marie & Pierre Curie 1898
Tractor Benjamin Holt 1900
Razor(safety) K.C. Gillette 1901
Airplane Wright Brothers 1903
Radio Valve Sir J. A. Fleming 1904
Neon Lamp G. Claude 1910
Rayon Viscose Co. 1910
Stainless Steel Harry Brearley 1913
Tank Sir Ernest Swinton 1914
Scooter G. Bradshaw 1919
Radar A.H.Taylor&L.C.Young 1922
Film(with sound) Dr. Lee de Forest 1923
Razar(electric) Col. J. Schick 1931
Nylon Dr. W.H. Carothers 1937
Jet Engine Sir Frank Whittle 1937
Television John Logie Baird 1926
Terylene J.Winfield&J.Dickson 1941
Transistor Bardeen, Brattain&

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