Demand Draft Details

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Demand Draft Details :

It is defined as Per "section 85a of NI Act 1881" it as an order to pay money drawn by anyone Office of a bank upon another office of the same bank for a sum of money payable to order on demand.

Some common questions and Answers on DD.

What is the Validity Period of DD?
Demand Draft(DD) Validity is 3 Months. But Previously up to 31-March-2012 Validity is 6 Months.
on the expiry of the original Validity, it can be extended with the request of the Payee or Purchaser.

Can I cancel DD?
Yes, We can Cancel the DD requesting the Bank.

Can I Return the DD Without Use it?
Yes, We can return the DD With Out Using it.

Can I ask the Duplication for Original?
Yes, You Can ask the Bank duplication of DD for Original.

If I have Both Original and Duplication DD at me, Which is Valid?
Duplicate is Valid and You have to return the Original  DD to Bank.[full_width]

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